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In this episode, Sufei meets a traditional Chinese paper-cut artist who has a provocative new take on an ancient folk art. This was produced in cooperation with Queer Comrades. Check this link to see the full-length documentary and learn more about the art of Chinese paper-cutting:

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This is a music video of the song "Sala" from the Afterquake music project.
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Please check out ... In May 2008 an earthquake devastated Sichuan province in China, killing tens of thousands and leaving millions homeless. To commemorate the one year anniversary of this tragedy, musicians Abigail Washburn and Dave Liang of the Shanghai Restoration Project traveled to Sichuan to make music with children who survived the earthquake and their parents. Using folk songs sung by the children as well as sounds of their parents rebuilding their houses with bricks and mortar, Abby and Dave created a unique musical soundscape, and this video shows how the whole process unfolded in March, 2009. Afterquake CD available on amazon and through iTunes music store.
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With the presidential election heating up in the U.S., Sufei talks to some Beijingers about Hillary, Obama and some of the other candidates.
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Sufei asks the age old question: Why do good girls like bad boys? Beijingers have their say.
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Sufei looks into the hype surrounding Christmas in Beijing, and asks Beijingers what they know about Hanukkah.
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Here is a story that Anna Sophie did for the show Pacific Time. It is about the Asian American pop culture magazine Giant Robot.
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Here is the first Sexy Beijing episode ever, where Sufei roams the streets of Beijing looking for love.

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Another classic show from the Danwei Music days. This is about MC Sha Zhou, a 19-year-old rapper we met in Qingdao.

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This is a piece Anna Sophie did for a U.S. radio show profiling the Chinese rocker Xie Tianxiao.

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This is one of our first episodes, back when we were making shows for Danwei TV. It's about Uighurs in Beijing, and their most famous food, yang rou chuanr.

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